VA Attorney General Candidate Jay Jones Calls on AG Herring to Support Repeal of Qualified Immunity

April 12, 2021

Monday, April 12, 2021

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VA Attorney General Candidate Jay Jones Calls on AG Herring to Support Repeal of Qualified Immunity

Comes as Virginia NAACP Launches Campaign to End Qualified Immunity In Virginia

NORFOLK— Delegate and candidate for Virginia Attorney General Jay Jones released the following statement calling on Attorney General Mark Herring to join him in calling for an end to qualified immunity:

“Today, I’m calling on Mark Herring to support the repeal of qualified immunity in Virginia and fight to bring true accountability to policing in our Commonwealth. Too often, justice before the law is denied to Virginians who have suffered at the hands of law enforcement because of the outdated practice of qualified immunity. It’s time to tear down this dark relic of the past and instead build true trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve by holding responsible officers who abuse their position.

“Despite numerous instances of police misconduct coming to light, Mark Herring has refused to take action on police accountability. Instead of fighting for reform, he has played political games, pointed fingers, and sought to dodge responsibility however he can. Our Commonwealth needs an Attorney General who understands we cannot continue down the same path of unaccountable police brutality if we are going to truly embrace the new Virginia decade.”

The statement comes after Delegate Jones has been a vocal advocate on the issue, and previously introduced legislation to end qualified and sovereign immunity. Jones is joined by the Virginia NAACP in opposition to QI. Meanwhile, AG Herring has refused to investigate instances of police misconduct like the Donovon Lynch shooting.


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Brooklyn Center. Virginia Beach. Windsor. Yet again, we are being forced to reckon with a broken system of policing in our country that devalues Black lives, erodes trust between law enforcement and our communities, and threatens public safety.

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